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Rigid structural polyurethane is a thermosetting polymer extremely versatile with excellent technical properties.

It offers the maximum flexibility in the creation of particular shapes, also complex, dimensions and finishings, with a constant reproducibility time after time.

It allows both creative and realization freedom, opening to the companies unlimited opportunities.

It is the result of the chemical reaction between two base substances, polyol and isocyanate. Mixed together they produce a foam that, after solidification into specific moulds, have a sandwich structure with compact surface and a thin and porous core, that gives to the polyurethane products an high mechanical strength with a low specific weight.

The used material is Baydur®, made and distributed by Covestro (formerly Bayer MaterialScience).

Baydur® 60

Rigid structural polyurethane at a middle density

Wall thicknesses from 4 to 20 mm with density from 500 to 700 kg/m3.

  • high rigidity and low weight thanks to the sandwich structure.
  • possible to realize pieces with complex shapes
  •  wall with variable thicknesses
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Baydur® 110

Rigid structural polyurethane at a high density

Wall thicknesses of about 4-6 mm with density from 1050 to 1150 kg/m3.

  • affordable production costs, especially for parts of big dimensions and complex shapes
  • high rigidity with thin walls
  • high quality of the surface for a refined painting
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