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Manufacturing Plant

Gamma Poliuretani is able to provide a complete service, starting from rough moulding parts passing through the most different surface finishes up to the eventual assembling.

The modern manufacturing plant has an area of about 2000 sqm, with an enclosed warehouse of about 1000 sqm.


The moulding is done by RIM technology, using high pressure equipment fully managed by a PLC system, and aluminum moulds mounted on hydraulic presses.

Our plant is composed of:

  • No. 10 hydraulic presses of different sizes of which two are horizontal,
  • No. 03 electronically controlled foaming machines Afros Cannon.

We are equipped to produce pieces from 300 gr up to 36 kg also in single piece.


We are specialized in quality aesthetic painting.
Our plant cover an area of 500 sqm developed on more levels.

Our plant is composed of:

  • No. 03 pressurized cabins with water abatement
  • Convection oven for drying and baking of the paint

We are able to paint particulars up to 3 m in length and 1,5 m in width