30 years experience at our clients’ service

The main feature in the operations of Gamma Poliuretani consists of using raw materials competently, of the tools and studying suitable equipment for production, paying special attention to the research and development of the product and the productive technologies.

The manufacturing of a peculiar material such as rigid polyurethane requires specialized technical staff that guarantee maximum expertise and accuracy in the entire manufacturing process. Currently Gamma Poliuretani can count on thirty workers and nine employees in addition to an extensive network of freelancers and qualified partner companies.

The mission of Gamma Poliuretani is focused on the combination of rigid polyurethane and good design, making it possible to use in all the industrial fields, with the purpose of making products with very high technical and aesthetical value and have a long-lasting.

The training and experience of the staff are the first warranty for the product made by the company.

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